“The minimum wage was established


“The minimum wage was established to protect new, unskilled, and otherwise marginalized workers from being exploited because they had no power in the conversation,” Stoops said. “The individual worker has never had more social power than they do today, which is nearly unlimited with a smartphone and an internet connection. Add in the power of being able to pick up and move on to a new employer and a worker who chooses to be is at the head of the table.”.

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The high occupancy rate is clearly the result of discounted rents offered to make the property appear full and attractive to buyers. However, with 600 brand new furnished units across the street, where UM buses drop students practically at their door, Courtyards has clearly had a devastating impact on Willowtree. Mary Sue Coleman stated in a recent Michigan Daily article that she intends to start making efforts to better control the size of the student body perhaps even shrinking it some as was done in the 80 in order to provide a better overall experience for students who are paying higher and higher tuition.

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